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This April 30th, why not file your personal income tax return with Handytax. Imagine snapping a photo of your tax slip, then having your personalized tax interview over the phone. No more, complicated software, lengthy office trips, learning the income tax act or waiting in lines.

We think that is pretty handy, and we hope you will feel the same way. Call HandyTax at 1-888-343-1155 to find out about our price matching.You might be eligible for a extra 5% discount on your last year’s tax prep cost.

The whole process is done safely and securely online without ever meeting your tax preparer face-to-face while receiving the same high quality, CRA approved mechanical tax preparation. Register online in under 5 minutes.

“We Look Forward to Showing You, How Handy We Can Be.”


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We realize that Canadians are busy. Some Canadian live in rural areas, others have mobility problems. If you are overwhelmed with the stress that comes with your tax preparation, then don’t settle. Find out how handy we can be by preparing your 2014 income tax return with us this year.

HandyTax is the handy choice for income tax returns.

Let HandyTax change the paradigm. You never meet us face to face, but you receive the same high quality tax mechanical tax return preparation.

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“We believe that access to affordable tax preparation services should available to all Canadians.”


Personal Income Tax Return Preparation Service


Step 1: Tax return quote

Our professional phone staff will go through your personalized tax situation and customize a quote just for you.

Step 2: Sign up and Prepay

After speaking to a HandyTax representative, we will email you an electronic contract that includes our engagement letter to begin the process through our secure signing partner E-SignLive. If we agree to work together, we will send you an electronic invoice that once paid, will be used as a retainer to open your tax file.

Step 3: Supporting documents and Interview

You have agreed to the terms of our work and paid your retainer fee. The third step involves emailing or faxing HandyTax a copy of all your tax documents, so that we can refer to them during our tax interview.

If there are any questions as we prepare your income tax and benefit return, our friendly staff will reach out to you by phone or by email to collect any necessary missing information. Once our draft return is completed, HandyTax send you your return to review, and upon acceptance we will efile it with the Canada Revenue Agency.

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