Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA)





This is an urgent and critical medical condition which transpires when the walls of the aorta, the major blood vessel which leads blood away from the heart begins to swellin the abdomen,if left undiagnosed and untreated; it will eventually burst resulting in heavy bleeding within the abdominal cavity. AAA rupture is categorizedamonghighly fatal surgical emergencies, thus impeccable timing indealing with AAA is crucial for a patient’s survival. Nine out of ten individuals who have AAA will die due to internal hemorrhage. AAA rupture is the cause of 15,000 deaths of Americans annually.

A lot of people who develop AAA are asymptomatic and unaware of the growing medical problem within their system. Nonetheless,in the course of a routine physical examination,a minute pulsating mass near the center of the abdomen is frequently detected by the examining doctor. A few individuals are inadvertentlydiagnosed with AAA when submitting themselves to undergo radiologic procedures intended for detection of another possible underlying medical problem, such as ultrasound of the abdomen, MRI, X-ray, and CT scan.Upon realizing that they have a potentially deadly medical threat, a growing concern would baffle them emotionally.

The emotional turmoil brought about by this life-endangering condition can put so much tension on the person and his family, AAA could rupture at anytime and anywhere, leading to a quick untimely demise. If you and/or any of your significant others have been diagnosed with theAAA, do not be indecisive in applying for Canada’s disability tax credit with the services and technical support of HandyTax.



Aboutfive to nine percent of the geriatric population worldwide, specifically over the age of 65 years, is at high risk for acquiring AAA. Males who are obese, chronic smokers, especially with hereditary tendencies and have a history of chronic hypertensive problems have an even higher tendency to develop AAA.


Signs and Symptoms

When blood pools within the heart’s aorta, blood may possibly clump inside and form a clot or an aneurysm. If a clot gets through the circulation, it can resultin blood vesselobstruction, altering blood flow. Some patients may exhibit abdominal discomfort and back pain as the aneurysm’s massintensifies. When a rupture is about to happen the patient may complain of an acute abdominal pain and/or back pain that radiates to the buttocks, inguinal area, all the way down to the lower extremities. He/she may also report dizziness, increased heart rate, cold damp skin, upset stomach and vomiting.



  • The objective of medical plan of care is to treat itas soon as a patient is diagnosed with AAA in order to avert rupture, otherwise, once an aneurysm rupturearises, the success rate of surgery is pretty much inferior compared to an elective surgical repair.
  • An individual with a tiny AAA which isn’t aggressively expandingis basicallycounseled to defer surgery. Nevertheless, he must be monitored through a routine ultrasound of the abdomen twice annuallyto assess changes in the size of the aneurysm over time.
  • A maintenance prescription of an antihypertensive drug such as beta blockers may be prescribed by the healthcare provider to delay the escalation of aneurysm growth.
  • Emphasize cessation of smokingcigarettes.
  • Advise to refrain from getting involved inarduous andlaborioussports such as football, boxing, soccer, and various contact sports.
  • Never engage in weight lifting, military squats or other isometric exercises that entails undue strain.
  • On the other hand, patients may engage in aerobic exercises such as cycling and walking.
  • To put togetheran informedjudgment, patients ought toconfer with an experienced healthcare provider and discuss their specific case and effective treatment modalities.


Disability Tax Credits for AAA

Disability tax credits may be filed by people who are suffering from abdominal aortic aneurysm. HandyTax can assist you with this tedious task. If you suffer from AAA, you may qualify for disability tax credits, however, you need to be in touch with your qualified health practitioner in order to be certified. If you have any queries regarding such claims, you may call on a HandyTax representative to help you.