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HandyTax offers a comprehensive menu of services to deal with your unique needs. Aside from our Income Tax Preparation service, all of our services require no up-front fee or risk on your part.

Disability Tax Credit (DTC) Application

HandyTax will work with your doctor to ensure that your case for the Disability Tax Credit is the best one possible. We will then prepare the necessary tax adjustments to ensure that you receive the maximum refund possible. Along the way, HandyTax is there to answer your questions.

Child Disability Benefit (CDB) Application

Have a disabled child? In addition to the child Disability Tax Credit, HandyTax will apply for you to receive the maximum Child Disability Benefit possible.

Income Tax Checkup

Are you already claiming the Disability Tax Credit? Want a second opinion on your taxes? HandyTax will go back ten years to review your taxes to ensure that you received the maximum refund possible. If we are unable to secure you an additional refund for you, there is no fee to you.

Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) Review

As a value-added service to our clients, HandyTax will review your RDSP contributions to ensure that you have maximized the grants and bonds provided by the Canadian government. We may also provide you with a recommendation into an RDSP provider in your area.