Income Tax Checkup

HandyTax will gladly review your tax returns for the past 10 years to ensure that they have been maximized. If not, we will prepare the necessary tax adjustments to make sure that your taxes have been maximized. Clients often approach us in the following scenarios:

Already approved for the Disability Tax Credit?

HandyTax has helped many clients maximize their Disability Tax Credit refund. Our consultants are experts in:

  1. Provincial credits and reductions.
  2. Tax credits for medical expenses.
  3. Tax credits for being a caregiver or for providing support to a disabled relative.
  4. Transferring credits to family members.
  5. Lengthening your period of approval for the DTC.

Don’t trust that your taxes have been maximized?

There are many things taxpayers, tax preparers, and accountants do not look at when filing personal income tax returns. Rarely are questions about hidden disabilities or family members’ disabilities asked when tax returns are prepared. Furthermore, people make mistakes when preparing tax returns. We are confident that our tax consultants can make sure your taxes are error-free and that you have claimed all credits and deductions you are legally allowed to under the Income Tax Act and provincial statutes. Call us today. You have nothing to lose!