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HandyTax has excellent service! They managed to help me get a refund of over $15,000. I didn’t even realize I could get anything back. Now all my bills are paid and I can enjoy quality time with my family. Thank you HandyTax!
Satisfied HandyTax Client
I am satisfied with the service I received from Handytax. A very efficient and professional team handled my application.
Satisfied HandyTax Client
MIlo phoned us lots and helped us understand how this worked. Really happy with first cheque and Milo phoned again to say we could go back farther than 3 years. Milo phone a few times and we told him our DR. didn’t want to do the forms anymore so send and s-mail to get our signature and looked after the problem. Got a refund again for 2 years. When we had a problem with this Milo kept in contact with us and straightened it out immediately. This sure helped out as we are seniors. But not sure why CRC wouldnt let us go back ten years.
Satisfied HandyTax Client