Client Needs

When a client in on our client needs list, it means that there is a crucial piece of information that is missing before we have all the pertinent information to make the best decision about a file.

The following is a list of possible reasons we may be contacting you about your file.

  • Gathering further information about your doctors or when your condition started.
  • Returning a completed Authorizing or Cancelling a Representative form T1013: this is the document that is needed for HandyTax to make changes on your behalf with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). This may be required if the CRA has trouble processing a completed document or if there was a problem with how it was completed initially.
  • Calling for a Supporting Family Member: there are two reasons that we do this. The first is so that we can gain a full family tax picture. The second is so that, they might be able to get a tax refund for helping the disabled person out if they provided certain financial support.
  • Missing documentation from either the person with the disability or a supporting family member. This may include the T1013 or the Client agreement.
  • Missing tax information: HandyTax can only do our work when client have filed their tax returns.
  • Debts: when Client have debt outstanding, we might try to contact you to discuss alternatives.

Without the information we request from you, your file cannot move forward. That means that delaying will delay your ultimate tax refunds if we are successful.