CRA Processing

The Canada Revenue Agency Processing time for a standard Disability Tax Credit Certificate (T2201) is about 4 months. The majority of the time spent on your file is here. It is during this time that the Canada Revenue Agency assesses the validity of an application based on the qualified medical practitioner’s recommendation.

During this process, HandyTax will not have any new information for you besides that the Canada Revenue agency is processing your documents. We check on all outstanding filings at least one time per week. You will likely not be hearing from us during this process primarily because there is no new information to provide.

The result of the CRA’s processing of the T2201 can have 3 potential outcomes:

1) You are accepted for the DTC and your file is forwarded to our tax department.

2) You are rejected and we need to discuss together what are the available options.

3) CRA requests additional information.