Dealing With the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

If you have submitted a Disability Tax Credit claim in the past, you may understand the frustrations involved with dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), formerly known as Revenue Canada, as well as, Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, is the tax agency that handles federal personal income tax returns as well as provincial income tax returns for every province and territory, except for Quebec.

Do you believe you were wrongfully denied for the Disability Tax Credit when you should have qualified?

There are several reasons why the Canada Revenue Agency may have denied your claim. Listed are some common reasons:

  • Your doctor indicated to the CRA that your disability was not severe enough to qualify.
  • Your doctor indicated to the CRA that your disability did not affect you all of the time or almost all of the time.
  • Your doctor made errors and omissions on the forms.

If you believe you rightfully qualify for the Disability Tax Credit, we advise that you give us a call at 1-888-343-1155 or complete the form to the right.

Do you qualify for the Disability Tax Credit already but haven’t received what you are entitled to?

The Canada Revenue Agency allows you to go back 10 years to change your tax return or to request additional benefits.

HandyTax can help maximize your Disability Tax Credit refund and Child Disability Benefits by performing a thorough analysis of all credits and benefits you and your family may be entitled to claim for the past 10 years. Our Tax Analysts are experts in all federal and provincial credits. Give us a call today!