Disability Tax Credit and Benefits for Brain Tumors


Brain tumors are cancerous growths and lesions that exist and thrive inside the brain, inside the skull, or at the back of the brain stem. Typically these tumors grow and develop very quickly with little warning or signs, and usually they are extremely serious and require technical and difficult brain surgery to remove completely and live a healthy life after diagnosis and surgery.

Brain tumors are difficult to understand, as their causes and reasons for existing are not completely agreed upon, but one can agree that having a brain tumor is a very serious and significant affliction, and it requires very technical and dangerous surgery to have removed so that the patient can recover.


Brain tumors can be caused by a host of things, both environmental and genetic, as medical professionals and cancer doctors have not definitively concluded any one cause of or presence for brain tumors. Genetic factors may be at play, as people may experience a genetic predisposition to brain tumors and an increase in the likelihood of their presence if others before them experienced similar brain tumors.

Environmental factors are also at play here, as people may experience brain tumors due to the environment they are in, the products they consume, and the things, materials and ingredients to which they are exposed. Environmental factors are very difficult to pin down as a cause of brain tumors, but damaging elements and metals may be a cause here as well as other products and ingredients knowingly and unknowingly consumed that cause the tumors.


Symptoms of brain tumors can vary wildly between people, though many will experience pretty significant pain within their brain, brain stem, and neck when the tumor is growing due to the pressure it places on various parts of the brain and neck area. Still other brain tumors are in such an area that they show no real symptoms and are only discovered through Cat Scan and other technology in preemptive cancer screenings and check-ups.

Additional symptoms have traditionally been reflected in where the tumor is located on the brain, as certain tumor spots can cause people to smell unique and non-existent smells due to the presence of a tumor on a certain part of the brain. Brain tumor symptoms can be incredibly noticeable and scary for any patient, and people are well-advised to immediately visit a medical professional if they experience any sort of symptoms regarding brain tumors or other brain-related issues.