Disability Tax Credits and Benefits for Arthritis


Arthritis is the onset of muscle and bone issues that make it very difficult to move, and cause negative impacts on dexterity of the hands, feet, arms, and other body parts in trying to perform simple tasks. Arthritis primarily occurs in older people, though increasingly it has been seen in younger and younger patients as overuse injuries related to things like keyboard and computer use have become more prevalent.

It is normal to live a full life with arthritis, but it is very difficult to live completely and it can be very painful to take part in everyday tasks when dealing with the disease and its issues.


Arthritis is caused by old age and the general wear and tear of ligaments, such as those in the hands as they are used for years and years, often in repetitive tasks. This makes the ligaments work in a less and less efficient manner over time, eventually causing the patient to deal with immobility and a lack of general dexterity in their limbs and joints.

Additionally, arthritis can be caused by general overuse and issues related to people who are overusing their hands or other extremities to do one thing repeatedly. Overuse can wear down ligaments and make it very difficult to do things efficiently and effectively over time.


Symptoms of arthritis present themselves quite simply, with pain and loss of mobility and dexterity within the hands, arms, feet and legs. Patients may notice that arthritis develops after doing a repetitive or particularly damaging task, and that it usually shows itself as pain.

Arthritis symptoms typically persist for anywhere from several days to several weeks, and they are symptoms that return repeatedly when presented with more repetitive tasks and overuse.

Disability Tax Credits for Arthritis

If you or your family member suffers from arthritis, you are not alone. In addition to the medical treatment you can seek, you can improve your financial situation by applying for Canada’s Disability Tax Credit. Categories under which an arthritis sufferer may qualify include walking, dressing and feeding. If you decide to apply, HandyTax will help you maximize your claim. Call us and speak to a representative today!