Disability Tax Credits and Benefits for Asperger Syndrome


Asperger syndrome (or Asperger’s) syndrome is, similar to autism, a disorder that affects one’s ability to effectively communicate and interact with people. Children with the condition find it hard to socialize and exhibit an intense obsession for a few particular topics. There is currently no known cure for Asperger’s but there is therapy that can help your child communicate more effectively with other people. If you have a family member or child with Asperger’s syndrome you should qualify for the Canadian Disability Tax Credit and other benefits.

Boy with Asperger syndrome displaying interest in patterns.

Boy with Asperger syndrome displaying interest in patterns.


It is not clear to researchers as to what causes Asperger’s syndrome, although many believe that the condition holds a genetic link and might be hereditary and run in families. Some scientists believe that the disorder might also have to do with the structure of the brain itself. Some people feel that immunizations might cause certain defects and can cause conditions like Asperger’s to develop, but according to most doctors and researchers vaccinations are not to blame and have no relation whatsoever to Asperger’s or other autism spectrum disorders.


Adults or children with Asperger’s usually exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Having long, meandering conversations with no concern for the listener actually listening to them.
  • Displaying awkward body language, very little eye contact, lack of facial movements and gestures
  • Having a specific interest in a few specific subjects such as the weather, public transit timings or rabbits.
  • Showing disregard or appearing to display no empathy for others’ feelings
  • Difficulty in understanding jokes, metaphors or sarcasm
  • Speaking in a stiff, fast, repetitive tone
  • Poor coordination and unusual body posture

Disability Tax Credits for Asperger Syndrome

Do you have a child or loved one with Asperger syndrome? You might qualify for the Disability Tax Credit under more than one category, including, but not limited to, mental functions, feeding, dressing and speaking. At HandyTax we can help you successfully claim Canadian tax benefits. Talk to one of our professional representatives today!