Disability Tax Credits and Benefits for Ataxia


Ataxia is a condition that envelops the neurological system and causes a person to lose voluntary control of his or her own muscle movements. It is a dysfunction of the parts of the nervous system that voluntarily and intricately control movement, rendering a patient unable to control their own bodily movements and at the mercy of their own misfiring neurological system.

Treatment is difficult and will rarely work depending on the underlying cause and the intensity of the ataxia, but it can be undertaken, specifically for people who have experienced strokes, or who have other treatable conditions.


Ataxia is caused by the neurological system malfunctioning, which in turn, can be caused by a host of things, including issues related to strokes or benign tumors that negatively affect the neurological system and its inner workings.

Beyond that, the causes of ataxia are often genetic, as a patient will be passed down a poorly functioning neurological system that is unable to cope with the brain and human body’s demands, causing it to malfunction and fire off on its own without brain control.


Symptoms of ataxia are incredibly easy to figure out, as it involves a person who cannot control their own movements and has their limbs and bodily movements take place inappropriately and involuntarily. These symptoms present themselves throughout the day, and do not gradually manifest themselves but rather take place quickly and suddenly.

Additionally, those suffering from ataxia will occasionally see decreases in mobility and dexterity as it takes more effort for the brain and neurological system to connect and come together to move muscles and take place in everyday activities and daily responsibilities.

Disability Tax Credits for Ataxia

If you or a loved one suffer from ataxia, you may qualify for disability tax credits and benefits offered by the Government of Canada to its citizens. If you have the condition, you may qualify under the categories or walking, dressing, feeding, among others. Call HandyTax and speak to a representative today. Let us help you get the maximum you are entitled to!