Disability Tax Credits and Benefits for Back Injury


Back injuries are, unfortunately, all too common in Canada as they are suffered by millions of people in millions of ways. Back injuries can look extremely different, based on the specific patient, ranging from those caused by congenital and technical defects, to injuries linked to overuse, misuse, accidents at work, and more.

There are a host of solutions to back injuries, but unfortunately, for a great deal of people, back injuries tend to persist in some way for many years without proper and extensive treatment and care.


The causes of back injuries are as varied as are the solutions to stopping them and becoming healthier. Causes include simple things like wrenching your back during work or in a workplace accident, to serious congenital issues that affect people genetically and medically.

Additionally, weight issues present new problems as far as back injuries are concerned, as many back issues and chronic back pain stem from obesity and its trends and connections.


Symptoms of back injuries, quite obviously, include back pain. This can mean anything from general stiffness to pain in acute and specific areas of the back.

Symptoms can occasionally spread to other areas of the body, though typically with back injuries, pain symptoms are highly localized to either the upper or the lower back, and are highly acute depending on the level of pain and severity of the injury.

Disability Tax Credits for Back Injury

Do you or a family member suffer from back injuries that have had chronic effects on health? If so, you may be eligible for disability tax credits and other benefits offered by the Government of Canada. Some categories you may qualify under include walking and dressing. HandyTax has developed an effective solution in obtaining the maximum refunds that Canadian taxpayers are entitled to. Call us today to speak to a friendly representative who will help you get started!