Disability Tax Credits and Benefits for Cri Du Chat Syndrome


As a society, we have come across people with different kinds of genetic disorders. Cri du chat syndrome is a rare genetic disease that is present in our society. This syndrome occurs when a part of chromosome 5 is missing. Due to this nature, the syndrome is otherwise called as 5p deletion syndrome or 5p minus syndrome. This condition is detected mostly in infants who tend to have a high-pitched cry, the sound of which is similar to a cat’s cry. It is possible for some children who are born with this syndrome to have a defect in their heart. A statistical report says that, for every 50,000 new-born babies, one is affected by cri du chat syndrome. If this syndrome affects any child known to you, you should suggest the child’s guardians to avail the disability tax credit offered by the Canadian government.


Cri du chat syndrome is usually not attributed as an inherited condition by the child from his or her ancestors. When the reproductive cells develop or when the infant is in the early stages of development, the chromosome deletion might occur accidentally. In certain cases, one of the parents might have a chromosomal imbalance called balanced translocations. Though it might not cause any health problems for the parent, when passed to the next generation, the chromosomes may become unbalanced, resulting in the deletion of 5p chromosome. Based on the amount of deletion of the chromosome, the mental disability of the children varies. In cases where large part of 5p chromosome is deleted, a mental disability will be more severe in nature.


Cri du chat syndrome could be easily identified among the children, as they tend to exhibit a specific set of symptoms. The symptoms are as follows:

  • The most common symptom found in all affected children is the high-pitched cry, which resembles the cry of a cat. The disorder is named after this symptom. The cry can be easily differentiated from a normal cry of an infant.
  • This syndrome is mostly associated with a mental disability with respect to the intellectual nature of the children.
  • Slow growth of intellectual abilities is seen among affected children.
  • The head size of an affected child is small compared to other children of the same age group.
  • For new-born babies, birth weight is considerably lower than what is considered normal weight.
  • The muscles of a new-born baby would be seen much weaker than it should be.
  • Some children may have abnormal facial features, such as wide eyes, round face and small jaw.
  • Heart defects are associated with some children who are born with cri du chat syndrome.

Disability Tax Credits for Cri Du Chat Syndrome

Any child who is seen to exhibit one of the above symptoms has to be given immediate medical attention in order to identify the presence of any defect. A child who suffers from the cri du chat syndrome should be eligible for the disability tax credit under categories like mental functions, speaking and vision. Parents and guardians of affected children may be eligible for thousands of dollars in tax rebates and benefits for the disability, and would benefit from contacting HandyTax today!