Disability Tax Credits and Benefits for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)


Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is one of those diseases that can be prevented; it occurs in unborn children by the mother carrying the child. For many years there has been much press and research on the effect of alcohol consumption during pregnancy and the ill effects. FAS is group of symptoms that cause that effect and the effect will vary from child to child and with the severity. Alcohol is capable of causing birth defects; this we know for sure. Prenatal alcohol consumption is thought to be the leading cause in developmental delays. If you know someone that has been inflicted with FAS they may want to consider applying for the Disability Tax Credit and the other benefits that are offered by the Canadian government.


There is simply one cause with fetal alcohol syndrome and that is the prenatal consumption of alcohol. Unlike many other diseases, where it is unpreventable or it is unknown as to the cause, with FAS, the cause is known and can be prevented. One of the things that makes this disease so difficult for some is knowing that these children do not have a choice, yet their mothers did. FAS can cause many different defects and disabilities in its sufferers. The degree can go from mild to severe and will affect each child differently. In almost all cases, it has a damaging effect on the normal daily functions of their life.


Most of the features of FAS vary from child to child. Yet there are some that are quite commonly found. This includes small birth weight and poor mental physical and mental of performance of the child. The average IQ in a child with FAS is around 60, which presents many different intellectual challenges. Typically, their birth weight and length is compromised as well. FAS also challenges the disposition of the child and makes it difficult for them to behave and act as children without FAS would. Quite often, the effects of FAS on the child will not be as evident and therefore often thought as another condition. Some children may just be thought to be unruly and intolerable, which may be true, yet they cannot help themselves.

Disability Tax Credits for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)

The saddest part of FAS is seeing the children suffer with the many different inflictions, and know that it did not have to be this way. It is nice to know in spite of this disease, that there is support out there for those that are suffering. You may qualify for the Disability Tax Credit under different categories, such as feeding, walking and elimination (bowel and bladder functions). HandyTax can help you receive thousands in tax credits and benefits today!