Disability Tax Credits and Benefits for Hirschsprung’s Disease


Hirschsprung’s disease is a stomach disorder or gut disorder that is caused when the neural crest cells fail to leave the gut after fetal development of the intestines. This means that this particular area of the colon fails in its bid to calm down and relax; this in turn, causes an obstruction. In most people, the disorder affects the tiny segment of the distal colon region. In around six percent of all cases, the entire colon is affected. Sometimes in medical terminology, Hirschsprung’s disease is referred to as congenital aganglionic megacolon.

The most common method doctors treat Hirschsprung’s disease is to use a type of surgery where a portion of the colon that is still alive with nerve cells is pulled through, then fixed and sewn over the part that does not have the nerve cells. Researchers have also conducted studies that have found Hirschsprung’s disease to be associated by a single chromosome. To this date, this chromosome has not been isolated by medical scientists despite repeated efforts to do so.

Do you have a family member with Hirschsprung’s disease? Help is available. You might qualify for the Canadian Disability Tax Credit and other benefits offered by the Canadian government for this disorder.


Hirschsprung’s disease affects around one in every 5,500 babies. The disease first got its name from Harald Hirschsprung, a doctor from Denmark who first diagnosed the condition in two babies that died back in 1888. The disease is believed to be caused by a defect in the way neuroblasts exit the neural crest in the first twelve weeks of the gestation period.


Symptoms for a patient suffering from Hirschsprung’s disease include:

• A lacking of ganglion cells in your baby
• A delayed passing of meconium
• Stomach distension
• Constipation

Disability Tax Credits for Hirschsprung’s Disease

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