Disability Tax Credits and Benefits for Ulcerative Colitis


Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that can be long-lasting and painful. Just like Crohn’s disease, another IBD, it can cause life-threatening complications.

Ulcerative colitis has a tendency to give symptoms that prolong over a long period of time rather than coming on suddenly. Crohn’s disease affects the digestive tract and ulcerative colitis affects the lining of the large intestine and rectum.

Have you been diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis? You might be eligible for the Disability Tax Credit and other benefits the Canadian government offers.


Similar to Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis also causes inflammation in the intestine leading to ulcers. Crohn’s affects different areas of the intestine and ulcerative colitis in most cases causes inflammation in one continuous stretch of the colon’s inner lining including the rectum.

Researchers believe stress might be the main cause but symptoms may also come on if you have been affected by a virus or bacteria that might trigger the onset of ulcerative colitis. Some researchers suggest that if you have a parent or sibling with the illness; it might make you more vulnerable and put you at higher risk of developing the condition.


Like most IBD’s the symptoms of ulcerative colitis vary based on the severity of the condition. Some symptoms include rectal pain and bleeding, abdominal pain, cramps and blood-spotted diarrhea. Constant fatigue and significant weight-loss are other symptoms you may have.

Like Crohn’s, people with ulcerative colitis also go through periods of acute illness and then periods of  remission, where they are symptom free. If you notice a change in your bowel habits, have abdominal pain, a running fever, see blood in your stool and have constant bouts of diarrhea you should go and see your doctor.

Disability Tax Credits for Ulcerative Colitis

Do you or a family member suffer from ulcerative colitis in Canada? If you answered yes, you might be eligible to apply for the Disability Tax Credit under more than one category, including, but not limited to, elimination (bowel functions), feeding and walking. Get in touch with one of our professional HandyTax representatives to see how we can help you today.