Disability Benefits

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Applying for Disability Tax Credits in Canada can be a confusing and arduous process. Our Disability Tax Credit (DTC) Application service consists of two main processes:

  • Working with Your Doctor to Ensure Your Approval

    HandyTax will work with your doctor(s) by reviewing the necessary medical forms to make sure that they are free from error. Sometimes, doctors are in a hurry and make small mistakes. We will even cover the fee requested by most doctors, within reason, and only bill you back if you are approved and receive a refund.

  • Maximizing Your Resulting Tax Refund

    HandyTax consultants are masters at making sure that you receive every penny you are entitled to. They are well-educated in provincial tax reductions, and will use every tool and method allowed by the Canadian Income Tax Act to recover funds and that hidden or ignored by most tax preparers. We are proud to be the best personal tax consultants in the business.

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Previously denied for the Disability Tax Credit?

If your previous Disability Tax Credit application was not approved by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), HandyTax can help you apply again. While we never guarantee that someone will become approved, we do promise to try our best to find out why you were denied and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

  • Why was I denied?

    There are many reasons that you may have been denied for the DTC. Doctors and taxpayers make errors. Sometimes a simple box or a missing date or signature will nullify your whole application. Having someone trained in reviewing Disability Tax forms can be really handy.

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