Disability Tax Credits and Benefits for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)


Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is the act of the kidneys being obstructed, slowed down, or otherwise made unusable due to poor diet and lifestyle choices, bad nutrition choices, or the problems of chronic diseases that affect the kidneys in turn. Kidney diseases affect the way people digest food, repel body waste, and more, and they can be serious and affect the quality of life of a patient very severely if left untreated.

Chronic kidney diseases have grown in incidence rates and prevalence lately because of other chronic conditions and the stress and strain the body has undergone thanks to chronic conditions. Poor nutrition choices, bad health habits, and more have led to chronic kidney diseases being more prevalent, and doctors having to deal with these diseases that are otherwise often preventable.


In some cases, chronic kidney diseases are genetic and passed down by genes among relatives. If a relative in your past had chronic kidney disease, science suggests it may look as though it is more likely for you, too, to deal with chronic kidney diseases, obstructed kidneys, and poor kidney health.

However, in many cases, chronic kidney diseases are the result of relating to other chronic conditions, such as obesity, overweight issues, nutrition and nutrient deficiencies, and lack of exercise. People who do not take care of their bodies in this manner are more likely to experience chronic kidney disease, as their bodies and organs fail to function properly and efficiently.


Symptoms of CKD can include obstructions of the urine and bowels, as occasionally chronic kidney disease can create problems passing waste and excrement. Related, chronic kidney disease sufferers experience poor waste management in their bodies, which slows them down, makes them lethargic, and makes their bodies much less efficient.

Unchecked, CKD can be very damaging to the human body, and depending on the patient and severity of the disease, it can be fatal. Therefore, it’s critical that all patients who are experiencing chronic kidney disease to be checked out by medical professionals in order to get adequate treatment for the disorder.

In addition, those who suffer from CKD can do a great service to themselves and their bodies by living a better lifestyle involving diet, nutrition, and other health markers like exercise. In doing so, CKD sufferers can often lessen the severity of their disorder and help their medical management cure the disease and improve their quality of life.