Disability Tax Credits and Benefits for Ilestomy


Ilestomy is a surgical opening of the loop of the small intestine, that is brought out onto the surface of the skin in order to pass intestinal waste in a way that is more efficient for certain human bodies after certain surgeries, or due to other certain medical problems related to the problem of passing waste normally. Ilestomies are typically spread above the groin, on the right hand side of the patient’s abdomen, and are used after certain surgeries.

Ilestomies are necessary and relatively common for people who suffer from intestinal problems. They are typically surgically created after a disease or injury has rendered a patient’s use of their large intestine to be impossible or difficult. Sometimes, this is because the colon, in part or whole, has been completely removed due to other surgery or surgical issues.


Causes of ilestomies are varied, but are always related to surgeries to make the human body function in a more improved way due to intestinal or colon problems. Surgeons make the determination that an ilestomy is necessary due to the presence of intestinal blockages, colon cancer, or other colon or large intestine issues like Crohn’s disease that cause the patient to be unable to pass waste in the typical sense.

When that determination is made, the patient undergoes surgery to create the ilestomy on their abdomen, and allow them to live a functioning and normal life that otherwise would have been impossible due to severe intestinal or colon problems that are dangerous or otherwise damaging.


Symptoms don’t typically present themselves with ilestomies, as ilestomies are surgical issues that medical professionals decide on for patients. As such, symptoms leading to ilestomies include issues like colon and colorectal cancer, and any other issue where intestines are blocked or otherwise rendered unusable to the point where life and the quality of life is threatened.

Ilestomies create a great deal of ease when it comes to passing waste, in a situation that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible due to intestinal blockage. Medical professionals can make the best call on whether or not an ilestomy is necessary.

People with ilestomies can live perfectly normal, healthy, and fulfilling lives even with their unique medical condition. While surgery is always serious and never to be taken lightly, surgeons are immensely talented at ilestomy surgery, and can adequately create an acceptable quality of life for patients after surgery.