Disability tax credits and Congenital Heart Defect

Congenital heart defects are serious medical problems that affect millions of people every year around the world. They are serious to the point where they must be cured, surgically repaired, or dealt with through medication and other means to ensure those that do have these congenital heart defects do not experience murmurs and other problems that can cause major medical maladies and even death in time.


Congenital heart defects are caused by a variety of issues and sources, many related to the problems surrounding genes and a person’s genetic makeup. That is, many people have their congenital heart defects and issues simply because of poor or unlucky genetics; they are not the byproducts of acute or external medical factors in any other way.


Causes of Congenital Heart Defect

The causes of congenital heart defects, as discussed above, center around genetic issues and poor genes. Genes are to blame for the way these defects manifest themselves in certain people, and genes are to blame and are the issue when it comes to reaching out and realizing how these issues and medical problems affect a very wide variety of people.


There are not many acute or environmental causes of congenital heart defects in this manner, as many people instead experience major gene problems passed on to them by their parents and relatives at their birth. Thus, congenital heart defects are often with people from the time that they are born, all the way up until they become adults as they learn how to deal with and navigate the problems and improve their life and lifestyle in spite of these potentially dangerous medical conditions.


Symptoms of Congenital Heart Defect

The scary thing about congenital heart defect problems is that in many situations, there simply aren’t significant symptoms to point out for those who have the issues and may have problems with them later in life. Instead, many congenital heart defects are the natural by products of genes and are not detected until somebody has a heart murmur, an irregular heartbeat, or any other significant heart issue that requires hospitalization and some sort of testing to be done to determine the root cause of the problem.


In turn, exercise can often exacerbate symptoms and promote things like irregular heartbeats, as it can often create and worsen the exposure of these congenital heart defects and problems in time. That is why it is critical to have regular and yearly physical exams, and to work with your doctor to ensure that your heart is functioning fully and properly, and that you don’t have to worry about any issues related to your basic and overall heart health. While congenital heart defects are serious, they can be vastly improved by medical care and proactive and preventive medicine and awareness for people who suffer from this disorder on a regular basis.