Disability tax credits and Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dissociative Identity Disorder, also known as Multiple Personality Disorder is an interesting medical condition with underlying psychological implications that centers around a person believing that they are one or more people, and being able to quickly and almost seamlessly interchange their attitudes, their lifestyles, and more between these multiple personalities in an almost pathological way. And in doing so, they can not only harm themselves, of course, but also those around them who may not be familiar with their change in attitudes and ideas.


Dissociative Identity Disorder, or Multiple Personality Disorder, is something that affects far more people than many of us realize, and is an issue that both psychologists and doctors are working to get to the bottom of in terms of figuring out what causes these problems, what exacerbates their issues, and what can be done to improve the lives of those who suffer


Causes of Multiple Personality Disorder

Multiple Personality Disorder is caused by a wide variety of issues, and although not everything is completely known about the disorder and what causes it, scientists and psychologists believe it is largely caused by both genetic factors involving the brain chemistry and the make up of the brain, and environmental factors that lead to someone dissociating from their current personality, and making another one up to cope with a stressful or otherwise awful environment.


In many patients who experience Multiple Personality Disorder, the causes can be pared down to environmental reasons. Many patients report to creating a second or third personality in order to escape the terror, horror, awfulness, or even boredom of their every day life, at which point that identity is exacerbated and made worse by a host of environmental and psychological factors related to the impairment.


Symptoms of Multiple Personality Disorder

The symptoms of Multiple Personality Disorder are quite simply, a change in behavior, mood, attitude, and outlook for a person in seemingly a second’s time. A person can go from being a happy go lucky, seemingly normal individual who gets the most out of their life and behaves in a rational and worthwhile manner, to a person who has completely gone off the deep end, so to speak, and loses their normalcy and sense of calm over seemingly little things that, for whatever reason, completely set them off and allow them to release.


Clearly, these people can end up being very dangerous to those involved when it comes to being around them and having to deal with them, and it is thus advisable that doctors and psychologists closely monitor those who undergo multiple personality problems to ensure that they are not a harm to themselves, nor a harm to others as they attempt to live their lives in spite of this disorder.


It can be a difficult diagnosis, and a difficult thing to go through for the patient, but realizing the extent of a Multiple Personality Disorder and doing work to stop it from worsening can greatly help both the patient himself, as well as those around them to remain safe and cared for regardless of the situation or the background.