Disability tax credits and Foot Ulcers


Foot ulcers are problems that affect a surprisingly wide variety of people, and can particularly wreak havoc on those with diabetes and other issues who have major problems with blood flow and blood circulation in and around their lower extremities, and specifically, their feet. As such, foot ulcers are major problems that if left unchecked can lead to larger health problems, or even in worse case situations and scenarios, the abandonment and amputation of feet to improve a patient’s overall condition.


As such, it is important to treat foot ulcers very seriously and very carefully, as they can very much affect a patient’s well being in a way that can prevent them from living a high quality of life and can seriously hamper and harm them and their lives over time.


Causes of foot ulcers

The causes of foot ulcers are wide and varied, but most typically we see foot ulcers caused and exacerbated in patients with diabetes, and those who have major problems with their health related to diabetes issues and other complications. Diabetics have trouble with blood flow and blood circulation as they continue to deal with the disease, and as such, extremity problems and foot problems become the norm in many patients who mis-manage their care and their health in time.


Unfortunately, diabetics are not the only ones who achieve and experience foot ulcers, as those who have generally poor health with a lack of exercise and poor blood circulation can themselves experience foot ulcers that can have a large and long-impacted problem on their overall health and more.


Symptoms of foot ulcers

The symptoms of foot ulcers include incredible pain at the point of the ulcer and in the feet, which can seriously affect mobility and the ability for a person to carry on their normal quality of life. Additionally, it can be difficult for a person to walk, move, and carry on normally with foot ulcer issues, as it can affect how they bear their weight and how they move and live a daily life in time.


Foot ulcers are major problems for older people and those who have had diabetes for quite a long time. It’s critical that, for people who experience foot ulcers, they get to a doctor immediately to begin treatment on how to minimize pain and maximize therapy, so as not to create major long term problems with the ulcers themselves.


Unfortunately, with more and more people getting diabetes, and more and more people being diagnosed with major chronic health problems related to obesity, foot ulcers become more and more of a problem for many different people who have no idea how to successfully manage their weight and stop these issues. In turn, then, they greatly affect a person’s quality of life to the point where it is difficult for them to do most anything physical in their lives.