Erb’s Palsy

Disability Benefit and Tax Credit for ErbDuchenne’s Paralysis (Erb’s Palsy)



Erb’s Palsyis set off by injury to the brachial plexus, the nerves adjacent to the shoulder. As a result, strength in the shoulders, wrists, arms, hands and elbows is weakened. In a number of cases the child may not be able to straighten or rotate the arms fully, resulting in a stiff and crookedoverall appearance. While in some circumstances there is little to no control, giving it a “loose” appearance.In an article published in the October 2004 issue of the Pediatrics& Child Health journal, a study carried out by Michael Chateret. al. revealed that between 1980 and 1989, the Grace Maternity Hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia had 44 cases of brachial plexus injury out of 50,838 fetal deliveries, a ratio of 0.9: 1000 live births. Birth injuries are hard and daunting on both parents and children alike, bringing around a blissful event to become horrendous.

Dealing with a child inflicted with Erb’s Palsy calls for substantial emotional, financial and physical assistance. While there is no miraculous and instantaneous way for recovery, HandyTax can lend support and assistance in applying for The Child Disability Benefit under the emotional category. On topof Disability Tax Credit Application, HandyTax will furthermore apply for the Child Disability Benefit (CDB).



Unlike Cerebral palsy, it is not a result of brain anomalies instead, it happens secondary to shoulder dystocia, which occurs during delivery when a fetus’s shoulder becomes stuck in the rear of the mother’s pubic bone as it descends in the birth canal. As the attending gynecologist attempts to dislodge the stuck shoulder by forcefully pulling the head of the baby, the brachial plexus accidentally gets torn and rupture, causing an irreversible and permanent damage.



Some children with Erb’s palsy may suffer an excruciating cramping pain on the shoulder down to the wrist that lasts for a while, and is particularly sore after sleeping. Soreness in the shoulder blade is also particularly common. Although not every child with Erb’s palsy is affected by, it can be extremely uncomfortable to those affected and may cause frequent interruption in sleep and tantrums at night.


In circumstancesof a mild tear or a simple stretch injury, Erb’s palsy will settleon its own, however the baby should be prescribed to undergophysical therapy to prevent stiffening of the arm. Range of motion exercises, along with gentle massage, are best inkeeping the joint from turning contracted and to keepthe muscles strong as well.In addition, surgical repair, involving tendon transplants, may be essential for extensive nerve damage. Such options are normallynot discussed until after the child turns three to six months old. Even with surgical repair, healing of nerve injuries is unfortunately snail paceand it may take two years or even more for fullrecovery. In a fewcases, the affected arm will be feeble permanentlyand the range of motion may also berestricted.


Disability Tax Credits for ErbDuchenne’s Paralysis (Erb’s Palsy)
Erb-Duchenne Paralysis is a birth-related condition; however, the extent of the damage may not be apparent until a few months after. If your child is afflicted with such injury, he/she may be entitled to a disability savings plan with the Canadian Revenue Agency. In order to qualify, all that is needed is a certification from a qualified health care professional and a little help from a HandyTax representative. So what are you waiting for? Call the hotline now!