New Brunswick Disability Support Program (DSP)

The New Brunswick government has developed a new Disability Support Program (DSP) for those that are disabled. It is referred to as person-centered planning as it is geared towards improving the quality of life for the individual within the community. The program is sponsored through the Department of Social Development.

The program provides financial funding for disability supports that allow for personalized flexibility. People with disabilities are encouraged to participate in developing their own personal disability support plan. The DSP enables the ability to independently facilitate and design a support plan that works for you as a whole person.


  • Must be between the ages of 19-64
  • Are a resident of New Brunswick
  • You have what qualifies as a long term disability (one that will last indefinitely or that periodically occurs for long periods of time)
  • You require supports for personal care and community involvement. This means that supports related to your disability are needed in order to perform daily living tasks as well as to have participation within your community.

A financial assessment will be done to decide what your contribution to the cost of approved disability supports will be, your income will be used for this determination. For general facilitation services, there will be no charge.

Support Available

The DSP offers support to address the various areas of a disabled person’s life. You can receive assistance from a home support worker. This could include help with daily activities, housework, personal care and meals. Respite care is available to families of the disabled or those that are in charge of primary care. What this mean is that they offer an opportunity to take a break from care, to recharge their batteries per say.

Transportation will be covered as long as it relates to your disability. You can receive personal supports as well as assistance for both inside and outside of the home. This goes hand in hand with the support given so that you are able to participate and get involved with your community.

There is financial assistance for assistive devices that are not already covered under another plan. Some private insurance companies only cover 80% for devices like wheelchairs so the 20% balance would be eligible.


The New Brunswick Disability Support Program is the first of its kind in the Maritimes. The process of funding is based on each individual. It is dispersed using a method that attempts to meet most if not all of each person’s specific need. This will be determined and a disability support plan will be designed.

It is an opportunity for a person who often feels a loss of control due to their disability; regain that with the help of support workers and the individual’s personal network. You are given the freedom to decide how the money that has been approved for disability supports is to be spent.

Independent Facilitator

An independent facilitator will be provided to each person who applies for the DSP. They play a large role in your path towards making positive changes in your life. They help you and your family develop a vision for your future. They will help in the preparation of applications for disability supports and the development of your disability support plan, which will be passed on to the Department of Social Development for consideration for funding.

They will take on the role of representative for persons who will be applying for supports under the Disability Support Program. The facilitator will help you identify what your disability support needs are and look at a variety of options for meeting them utilizing both paid and unpaid sources.

The role of a facilitator is to be the go-between you the disabled individual and any of the programs and services that are available to you. Many people with disabilities are not aware of what types of serves are out there. They will assist you with finding out what support you may need and what choices you have. Then they will assist you with the application process.

The Disability Support Program is like finally having someone in your corner. Someone who can finally shine the light on a future that you may have thought was bleak. People do not need to be defined by their disability. Look in the blue pages of your phone book for the Social Development area closest to you and be sure to have your date of birth, Medicare, address and phone number with you before you call.