Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability (SAID)

Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability (SAID) is a new program that has been designed to specifically meet the needs of the disabled. It is completely separate from the Saskatchewan Assistance Program (SAP) in that you do not have to fill out forms every year in order to continue to qualify. If you are currently receiving SAP, you will automatically receive an information package from SAID to apply. SAID is a program that is only for people with significant and long-term disabilities and being able to meet their individual requirements.

The disability must be significant and enduring. This means that it must have a substantial effect on day-to-day activities that are required for functioning so that you require the assistance of a device or another person in order to perform them. It must be determined that the disability will last indefinitely or is permanent whether this puts limitations on the applicant on a continuous basis or periodically.

If you are currently receiving an allowance under the Saskatchewan Assistance Program, you are still able to apply for SAID as long as you meet the requirements for eligibility. Should your medical condition change and you no longer can receive SAID you will still be permitted to collect SAD benefits as long as your financial situation falls under the restrictions.


You still qualify if you are living at home, in a mental health group home or in a residential care facility. The applicant must be assessed at a level-of-care of two or higher if living in any type of residence outside of the home. The care home must meet documented regulations and if you are living in a personal home, you must be under someone’s care. You are required to be at least eighteen years of age and there are financial guidelines that are followed to determine eligibility.

There must be proof that you are experiencing what is termed as a budget deficit. This means that the amount of resources (combined if you are living as a couple or family) exceeds your requirements whether or not they pertain to your disability.

SAID will assist you in covering expenses accrued due to your disability. This may include transportation and particular dietary needs. They also cover basic living expenses like housing and groceries. There is a supplementary program that provides health benefits.

Health Benefits

Health benefits will include:

  • Chiropractic costs
  • Dental
  • Prescriptions
  • Optical
  • Medical supplies
  • Ambulance fees


The resources that determine SAID’s financial contribution include any type of income or assets. It has to be decided that the needs of the applicant are above the total of income and assets from all parties. A portion of the allowable income is exempt. For families it is $200.00, for singles $200.00 plus 25% of next $500.00 up to a maximum of $325.00. Childless couples are entitled to $250.00 plus 25% of next $700.00 up to a maximum of $425.00.


The amount received will differ depending on each individual situation. The amount of income, the size of the family, is all factors that determine the size of the allowance. You are permitted to obtain other benefit programs like SAD or Canada Pension Plan (CPP) but they will be included in your monthly income. Effective January, 2012 the monthly sum for SAID will range between $893.00 to $2061.00

This amount is to cover housing, food and personal expenses. Whether or not you have children will factor in however the provincial government provides a children’s allowance to parents depending on how many children you have. This amount is exempt and will not be calculated as income.

Unless there is a documented change in provision, the SAP Policy Manual, which specifies documentation that is required for application as well as regulations, will apply to SAID. To find out where a local office is located or for additional information about SAID, phone 1-888-567-7243 or for SAP 1-866-221-5200.