T2201 followup

Disability Tax Credit Certificate (T2201) Followup

HandyTax begins by mailing you special forms to bring to your doctor. This process is called the T2201 followup and it is one of the many services included in our product. Instructions on how the forms should be completed are included in the package we send you in the mail. You may also ask that we mail them directly to your doctor. To download the Disability Tax Credit Certificate and to print it out instead of having it mailed to you click here.

Some of our clients who are already approved for the Disability Tax Credit Certificate, would skip this step and go straight to tax work.

The T2201 Followup Process

Kristine will call you regularly to followup on the forms we sent you, to see where you are in completing them with your qualified medical practitioner. Her job is to resolve any problems you may meet.

Once the T2201 is completed and returned to HandyTax, our quality control team will compare the completed documents against HandyTax’s list of precedents and standard benchmarks.

The T2201 followup may take longer if your doctor says that you do not qualify or refuses to sign the T2201. If that is the case, it will be important for you to let know us so that we can present to you all your options. If there are fees associated with having the doctor complete the forms please speak to Kristine.

The next step is to submit the T2201 to the Canada Revenue Agency.